Feeling Broken?

For the past 5 years I have not worked a job. It’s not like I’ve never been unemployed before. I raised my kids as a stay-at-home mother when they were tiny and I still see it worth it. But these past 5 years are different in me not working because I believed, the whole time, […]

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Coping Skills

After I graduate this year long program, I should have just about a million coping skills in my back pocket. Maybe I should put some of the best working ones for myself in here. Depression:  Baby steps-breaking down any thing I do into the smallest of steps. Like “getting out of bed” is sitting up, […]

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Work Hype

I did my nails up in the style of Autism awareness puzzle colors, whether it’s that time of year or not, all thanks to the insistence of a friend.  Why the hype? I got to go to my first work meeting before I start the real job! I was so excited about it I woke […]

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Help being not so helpful

I am in a therapy group. It’s a pretty tight knit group where what’s said there stays there, but sometimes I just cannot not stand for things that have happened. And since these things things have happened outside of therapy sessions I feel ok to share. Last week a 3rd person was unfairly treated and […]

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It’s been awhile… again

I haven’t written in here in awhile again because there has been a slue of stressful things happening to me lately. I still have a positive outlook on live and that’s the important thing, but stress is stress. So the next several days I am going to update on what’s already happened to me and […]

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It’s Been Awhile…

So… I forgot this blog even exsisted. I rediscovered it Thanks to another J wonderful person in my life: Accept the Bullshit (in this blog space). I read back all of my posts and I realized I do not remember writing a goddamn thing. lol sadly this happens to me. I wouldn’t call it blacking […]

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